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Brochure Design

From luxury hotel groups through to corporate and educational institutions, SME’s to local authorities any organisation at some point needs to create some kind of a brochure showcasing their organization or products.

Whether you have existing printed material that you wish to update, or are looking for a more complete project taken from design through to publication, we can offer a solution tailored to your individual requirements and as well as/or instead of why not also consider an e-brochure.

Brochures and E-brochures can be created from any printed material, regardless of dimensions or number of pages and we can design a range of documents such as;

  • Annual reports or published statistics
  • Sales and other promotional material
  • Exhibition and display material
  • Newsletters
  • All types of brochures
  • Prospectuses
  • Magazines/catalogues
  • Recruitment packs
  • Internal communications

Technical papers and journals